Who Do You Think You Are? How to build brand awareness to be top of mind with your clients

What do your clients say about you on the Internet? What do they think of your business when they are on the Internet? Are they getting the same message no matter where they look for your business?

Your digital presence shapes your business identity. This includes the content you create, the posts you share, the comments, and your online conversations.

You can showcase your interests, thoughts, expertise, and authority. Your internet creations will help those who see them–posts or videos, articles or engagements- trust you. Erfolk Marketing Agency provides six steps to help you increase brand awareness and keep your clients in mind.

You and Your Data

Data flow is the driving force behind all your website content (semantic searches) and, by association, all marketing and brand content. Search engines scan data to find answers to queries on the web.

Your data should be easily accessible to users.

You’ll have many challenges when it comes to advertising, branding, and marketing. It would help if you also had a good reputation and were seen as trustworthy.

Your brand is reflected in everything you do on the Internet. Your brand will be more visible as you interact with your clients and potential clients.

All the data you collect about your business reflects how clients and customers perceive it.

Build Brand Recognition

A branding strategy for your website —-whatever your presence on the web is–aims at telling people about your company, getting them interested in the product or service you offer, and making sure they perceive your business as a solution to a problem.

It’s essential to maintain consistency–logo, colors, font, messaging, images, voice (humorous or severe), etc.–because your clients will recognize you wherever they find you. Here’s [YOUR COMPANY] answering my questions on [YOUR TOPIC]

This is how you can use brand recognition to your advantage. People will begin to trust you as a business resource when they see you are knowledgeable about your subject.

The more they buy, the more likely they will purchase your solution.

You’ll be the first solution that searchers think of when looking for an answer the more you become known as a resource.

Online Brand Awareness: How to Build it

It is best to create a brand personality that you can use to promote your business online. It’s not just a logo that is easily recognizable, like Coca-Cola.

Richard Branson founded The Virgin Group. It’s due to the power, perception, and reach of Richard Branson’s presence on the Internet.

David Amerland, in his book SEO Help (Online Success Series 2020, page 113), says:

The math behind this is a set of algorithms that assign a certain weight to your site, making it more ‘trusted” in the eyes of search engines. This makes you visible to a broader audience across the Internet.

You don’t need to know the calculations to improve your business visibility.

Here are six foundational steps to help you build your online brand and gain recognition:


Choose your activities carefully. Please choose your area of expertise and stick with it.

Genuine, targeted material will help you to deliver real value to your customers.

You will achieve better results if you are selective and focused on what you post online.

Have a Style

Give your business personality. Let it show. Be real. Do not hide behind facts or use a persona of “safety” that repeats what is already available. Display your enthusiasm.

It is this uniqueness that makes you stand out on the Internet.

Show your humanity and be honest. It will be easier for others to relate to your society.

Be Consistent

Your audience will begin to trust you when they understand you. Show your business values repeatedly through your content and your actions.

Your information should be focused on and presented differently on many online platforms and places. Show that you care for your customers by responding to every article and social media post.

Be Intentional

Curate your company’s identity. You want your business to be recognized for the same traits that you are.

Aligning your values, principles, and goals to who you are will help you become a successful business. It is also essential to consider what you want your company to be.

All your online activities should reflect these values.

Invest time

You have an online presence to attract new clients or customers. Answer the question if someone asks it. Respond to comments made on social media posts.

The web is not a one-way street. People who visit your website or use any other platform are potential customers. Give them time to build a relationship.


Modern technology and the marketplace are constantly evolving. Keep up with the latest online best practices. Your business should evolve along with the technologies and platforms you use to reach your audience.

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