Infinity Scroll in Google: Does it affect your marketing strategies?

The best search results on Google are always found in the first few pages. This is where most people stay. This digital advertising scenario could change shortly.

Google has launched an update allowing users to scroll down the mobile SERP without interruption, eliminating the current structure of the result pages.

What does this mean for marketers, and what aspects of the update should be considered in new marketing strategies? Continue reading to learn more!

What’s the latest Google update?

Niru A. Anand announced that Google’s Search Product Manager Niru A. Anand would redesign search results pages on mobile devices to improve navigation.

This means that the search results will appear automatically on the screen without the user having to click the next page.

Only in the United States is this feature available for mobile devices. Anand says that other countries can test it out in 2022.

Google changed the SERP based on the belief that people search for the information they need within four pages. The continuous scrolling allows them to receive more results.

What will be the impact on Google?

With the SERP scrolling, you can see multiple results in one swipe. Many users only check the first page and select content that is more relevant to their search. Users can search for inspiring and exciting content and click on their chosen posts.

This is why it’s essential to improve the meta-description and the SEO Title when this change occurs. Click rates will be higher if both are attractive.

What will be the changes in content marketing strategies?

According to John Mueller, Webmaster Trends analyst at Google, even though users may see infinite scrolling, SERPs will still display groups of 10 results. If a user taps the screen in order to see more results, 10 more results are loaded.

Regarding SEO, the number of impressions is higher because some people stay on the first page of Google results. In the scrolling experience, other carriers are viewed, and this will increase images on Google Search Console.

Mueller claims that the click-through rate is likely to remain the same. Google shouldn’t make it easier for people to get to the second page of the SERP when the most relevant results for the topics they are searching for are on the first page.

What will happen to advertising?

You can see that the process for SEO will be different, and this also applies to Ads. These ads are displayed at the top and bottom of the page.

This scrolling update will redistribute text ads between the top of the page and the bottom, as the base has fewer views.

We will implement other changes in the future, such as multiple displays for each query. Local and Shopping ads will stay the same for now.

We have compiled a list of best practices for SEO.

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