The Benefits and Advantages of Productivity Tool

The modern enterprise is remote, hybrid, and digital.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on business. Some of these changes are long-term. From startups to large enterprises, companies are scrambling for a new positioning to remain competitive in a changing market. As the story of Blockbusters and their inability to adapt to digital transformation shows, a failure to adapt could prove disastrous.

What does this market shift mean for businesses?

Most enterprises are now facing the core problem of managing an overwhelmingly remote workforce. This includes maximizing productivity, measuring performance, and managing workflows.

This guide is your one-stop shop for the best productivity tools modern businesses can use to succeed in this rapidly changing world. Let’s look at some of the benefits of productivity tools.

Document sharing

Every company, big or small, uses documents. Giving employees a simple and quick way to view, edit, and share documents is essential.

Microsoft Suite is an excellent option for some businesses. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all beneficial in different departments. However, a cloud solution like Google Docs may be the better choice for others.

Cloud-based solutions make document sharing much more accessible. Teams can now collaborate quickly and effectively. It’s also the ideal solution to the problem of distance. Cloud-based document sharing allows a manager to view their employee’s work without sending back-and-forth emails or downloading documents.

File storage

You need a system to store the vast documents you will undoubtedly hold in your company’s books.

DropBox Business is the most popular solution, which allows users to store files securely up to 3,000GB. Users can also digitally sign documents with the software, saving time.

Time tracking

Few tools can measure employee productivity better than time-tracking software. Work tracking software and time trackers help you measure employee performance using the most critical metric: time.

Time trackers allow you to see how employees spend their time in the office. This information can be used to determine how much idleness there is and how it can be reduced. You can use time data to create detailed reports and accurately inform your payroll.

You can make performance appraisals more objective with a large amount of data. You are better positioned to change things if you see any worrying trends. It is one of many benefits that productivity tools offer.

Project Management

Modern enterprises are increasingly using project management software. Why?

These tools will allow you to automate and optimize your workflows. They also let you delegate, track and collaborate with others. You can also attract top talent by using project management software.

Top talent is in control these days. They know that if an employer doesn’t provide a flexible work schedule, remote working, or modern software, they can look elsewhere for what they want.

Project management software will streamline your processes, boost your productivity, and improve your hiring process. Once you’ve hired, the onboarding process will be easy, as all it takes is to introduce the new hires and get them up to date with the software.


It’s a tool that is important for HR and accounting departments. Accounting software makes bookkeeping more manageable, reduces human error, and simplifies crunching numbers.

FreshBooks is a popular accounting software that allows users to manage their finances, track and record expenses, and perform many other tasks. Accounting optimization can increase your accounting department’s efficiency and save you money over time.

Automation Tools

Why waste time doing trivial tasks when you can automate these?

This idea is behind tools such as Zapier and Mailchimp that aim to automate business processes.

Automating tasks that do not require constant human interaction is the best way to save time. Take emails as an example. Emails are essential to many businesses, but manually sending dozens or even hundreds of them a day can be time-consuming.

Focus tools

Focus tools can be extremely useful in modern business.

Calm is a popular health-conscious app many companies offer as an employee perk. Encourage positive habits, especially those that can improve focus. This can lead to increased productivity.

Brain. Fm is another example where music scientifically designed to improve focus can be played. Yes, it is unconventional. But this separates the modern company from those who are stagnant: they’re willing to take new measures to bring about a change in the organization.


Communication tools are last but not most miniature.

Many businesses are turning to software that promotes effective communication and rapid collaboration. Slack is an excellent tool for increasing productivity. It allows teams and employees to communicate through context-specific channels.

Zoom is also a major player, as large videoconferences can replace traditional briefings and meetings.

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