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Let’s begin with the bad first. Your content is more difficult to be noticed than ever before.

Google’s changes to its search results pages have obscured organic content, particularly on commercially competitive searches. Paid search CPCs have reached all-time heights in established markets.

What is the organic reach of social media? It’s almost dead. It’s pretty much over. Facebook has just announced that your chances of getting your content seen by people not related to you are even lower.

The typical conversion rate for Internet marketing is below 1 percent.

Content marketing doesn’t work (usually)

What is the actual process of content marketing? Most people think that content marketing is a three-step procedure:

Share your content via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

The majority of content is a waste. The purchase journey of a consumer is not a straight line and takes time.

Is there a better way to increase sales and leads with content?

Social Media Advertising to the Rescue!

It’s finally time to share the good news with you, guys. Social Media Ads are the most effective for promoting content and have been proven to convert visitors into customers and leads.

What’s the best part? You don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising.

This would be a better and more realistic way to approach content marketing.

Create content and share it on social media.

Promote your best content on social networks.

Tag Create your remarketing audience with cookies by tagging visitors to the site.

Filter: Apply behavioral filters and demographic filters to your audience.

Remarket – Remarket your audience using display ads, Social ads, and Remarketing lists for search ads ( RLSA).

Convert and Capture qualified sales leads or leads.

Use the following Twitter and Facebook marketing hacks to increase traffic to your site.

You can improve your quality score.

Google’s Quality Score measures the relevance and quality of keywords and PPC advertisements. It also influences cost per click. Facebook’s version is called a “Relevancy score.”

Twitter refers to theirs as a “Quality-Adjusted Bid.”

Whatever you call it, the Quality Score is an important metric in social advertising. Your quality score on Twitter and Facebook can be increased by increasing the engagement rate of your posts.

A high score in quality is great because it will give you a higher impression percentage at the same budget and lower cost per engagement. A low-quality score, on the other hand, is a bad thing because it will result in a lower ad share and higher cost per engagement.

How can you increase your engagement rate? Your unicorns are the top 1-3% of your content that performs best compared to your donkeys, which is your bottom 97 percent.

You’ll need to test your content in order to determine if it is unicorn or donkey.

Use Twitter Analytics to find out which content is getting the most engagement.

Post your best content from Twitter to LinkedIn and Facebook organically. Track which posts are getting the most attention.

Promote unicorns with paid ads on Facebook and Twitter.

Picky selection is the key to successful social media advertising. Cast a narrower net to maximize engagement rates.

Targeting Audiences to Increase Engagement

It’s not precise to target all your fans. You’ll waste money and be lazy if you do this.

Your fans don’t all look the same. All of them have different interests, incomes, values, and preferences.

This tweet, for an Inc. magazine, was able to increase engagement by 10x when it targeted Donald Trump fans, people with social marketing job titles, NRA Members, and hashtag #NeverHillary. (It excluded Democrats, Hillary Clinton fans, and hashtag #NeverTrump.) The article I wrote received ten more engagements.

The use of keyword targeting and other methods to target audiences can turn even the most average ads into unicorns.

Get Free Clicks from Paid Ads

Tweet engagements are Twitter’s most popular form of advertising campaign. Why? I don’t know. You must pay for each user engagement.

Stop doing it. Now. This is a huge waste of money, and it offers the lowest ROI.

You should only pay for what is most important to you, such as clicks on your website, app installations, followers, leads, or video views.

When you run a Twitter Followers campaign, you only pay if someone follows you. Your tweet promoting your unicorn piece of content will get you a lot of impressions and retweets. It’ll also receive replies and mentions of likes to your site. All this for just $0.

Promoting Unicorn video ads!

Do you know that you can receive thousands of views on your video for just $0.02 each?

Video content will help you to be remembered by customers and encourage them to buy. Here are a couple of quick tips for success:

Promote videos on your website, YouTube, or anywhere else that has been the most successful (i.e., driven the highest engagement).

Digday reports that 85 percent of videos on Facebook are viewed without sound.

Keep it short and memorable. Also, make sure you are targeting the right audience.

Video ad campaigns can increase the relevance score by two points!

Get Huge Profits with Custom Audiences

Do Twitter Ads Work? I used Twitter’s tailored audiences feature to target influential people in order to promote the article.

Business Insider requested permission to publish the article on the same day. So, I sent that version of the story to influencers by using targeted audiences.

A Fox News producer sent me an email about an hour later. Here’s where I was:

Custom audiences’ incredible power resulted in live interviews with major media outlets, including the BBC. Two hundred fifty high-value links and press pickups were also generated. Massive brand exposure was achieved, as well as 100,000 visits to and a new relationship with Facebook.

This is only one example of identity-based marketing through social media ads. Twitter’s tailored audiences and Facebook’s custom audiences are just two examples of the many new advertising uses that can be made!

Share your content on more social platforms.

Medium, HackerNews, Digg, LinkedIn Pulse, and Reddit all send you massive traffic. Posting content that is relevant to your audience will help you gain more traffic.

Post content to Medium or LinkedIn. Repurposing content is better than creating new content. It will allow a new audience to discover your content and consume it.

You can also use social media advertising as a catalyst to get thousands or millions of views that you wouldn’t otherwise have. You might be able to get your posts syndicated (I have had my posts syndicated in the New York Observer, Time Magazine, and other publications).

You can promote your content on sites such as Hacker News or Digg. Upvotes will give your content valuable exposure and drive traffic.

With a small investment, you could get a lot of exposure and traffic.

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