Digital marketing for contractors

In the US, there are 3,759 710 construction firms. This includes real estate developers, general contractors, engineering firms, material suppliers, and remodeling companies. Digital marketing is beneficial to all businesses, regardless of their size.

Construction companies used to working on the physical earth may need help navigating the digital world.

Our team has created a guide for beginners to help businesses fully benefit from digital marketing.

Building a Digital Marketing Strategie for the Construction Industry

Like many other industries, construction companies have faced challenges following the outbreak of pandemics, including labor shortages and stagnant projects. Digital marketing is a challenge for all businesses, but as the world adjusts to a new normal in 2023, it shouldn’t be a barrier.

Digital Marketing Institute has identified two high costs that businesses that don’t embrace digital media face. These are a competitive disadvantage and a loss of relevance. Companies will only be held back if they innovate and think outside the box. It would help if you had agility, flexibility, and experimentation for successful construction marketing in today’s digital age.

The industry is currently crowded with old-fashioned marketing techniques. Construction companies must embrace digital marketing and social media to increase their customer base. The construction industry has yet to adopt digital marketing to the same extent as other industries. Companies that embrace digital marketing early will be able to leapfrog their competition.

Digital marketing is a must for modern businesses. Digital marketing is more cost-effective, measurable, and targeted than a billboard. This can be a tremendous advantage for smaller companies that may still need to carve out a niche in the market. Many construction companies hire digital marketing firms to help them focus their marketing. Digital marketing experts will tell you online marketing is a multi-pronged process. But for now, let’s sketch out a general digital marketing strategy.

Why Construction Companies Need Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is a vital tool for any construction company to maximize its performance. You will only reach your target audience with marketing. Marketing plays a crucial role in construction, so take it seriously.

Google is the new Yellow Pages in the 21st Century. Companies with an online presence are likely to retain market share, and profits will gradually decline.

A construction marketing strategy combines paid and nonpaid media to achieve business goals. It allows businesses to reach their customers online wherever they may be.

A marketing plan is necessary for building materials companies to reach new customers. Digital marketing allows businesses to get more customers, increase sales and develop relationships with their long-term clients.

Builders Services and Contractors: Tips on Digital Marketing

Follow these 5 top tips to help your business generate more leads and demonstrate its value to customers. From leveraging social media to local SEO, you can do it all.

Never hide your online contacts.

In the past, you would exchange business cards, or a person driving by a billboard of a construction firm would write down the company name and phone number if they didn’t recognize it. Construction companies strategically place signs around the site they are working on. However, only some of them include their online contact information, such as their website and social media handles.

Why is social media so crucial for the construction industry?

Construction businesses differ from retail, but potential customers will search for you online. Some may even follow your accounts on social media. 74% of marketers think social media is an excellent way to reach potential clients. It also raises whether your social media and website are user-friendly and functional.

It can be detrimental to your business if you refer to your social media and website accounts in a bad state. 0.05 seconds is all it takes for a potential client to decide if they like a website and whether or not they will stay. You can use Bechtel or Murray & Roberts as a reference.

What should you check on your construction website?

A great website is visually appealing and correctly optimized for search engine rankings. Each page is clearly defined and has a purpose that directs the client to take action. For example, they can book a consultation, find out more, or subscribe to a mailing. The end goal of any website is to increase sales. On the first page of Bechtel’s website, you can see an opportunity to learn more.

The following are the components of a robust website: user focus, navigability, great look, ease of updating and content management, SEO, analytics, and usability.

Why should builders use social media?

Your social media channels, though not technically a website, should have a consistent look, feel, and tone. By publishing content that is part of your marketing strategy, you can use social media to build brand awareness and reach your target audience. Imagine your company’s construction website as a virtual office, and consider social media a “dial-in broadcasting platform.”

Create an Effective Local SEO strategy.

Local SEO: What is it?

You may have heard the term SEO if you’ve been researching digital marketing. According to the leading marketing software platform Yoast, it is “the practice of optimizing webpages to reach a high ranking on Google and other search engines.”

What are the benefits of SEO for local construction?

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing and is the basis of every digital marketing strategy. It aims to improve the rankings of organic (non-paid) search results. Local SEO is a critical component of any construction marketing strategy that aims to increase online traffic to a company’s website and brand awareness.

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