5 powerful search tools to use on your magento ecommerce website

You will be aware if you have an eCommerce site how crucial the search feature is in converting casual visitors into confirmed buyers. According to reliable statistics, users who use the search function on your website convert at a higher rate.

Users who use the online search convert much more quickly than those who don’t. Experts call the conversion process exponential conversion. The ROI of such sites is high because the search function has been strategically implemented. It is important to set up your website and configure it properly. This will allow your customers to find what they’re looking for.

Magento has a number of tools to help you accomplish this. Enterprise Edition, in particular, has a number of features to help you increase visits and sales. Below are some tips to help you get the most from your search:

Create Redirects

You may want to redirect your customers to the page displaying the product they are looking for if the search term is obvious. You will guide users to a page of categories that will provide a richer experience. These pages can display banners and full-faceted subcategories, as well as reductive attributes navigation.

Make sure that SOLR indexes the relevant attributes

SOLR is a powerful tool that can be installed and configured in Magento. You must ensure that all details are indexed and included in the search result. These attributes must be defined first. They may be looking for items such as color or brand.

SOLR can be configured to search for attributes based on their weight.

Another way to improve SOLR is to give weight to the attributes searched. It will ensure that lower-level terms do not receive the same priority as high-value terms. SOLR has an advantage over Magento’s built-in search feature because you can weigh each attribute of the product catalog. The results are more relevant to the user. The SOLR search will allow users to find products with greater ease than the Magento built-in search.

Search Filtering is enabled.

The search filtering allows for further reduction of results. If your site is quite large, your visitors are likely to be presented with an extensive list of search results. The correct attribute weighting can optimize the search filtering to solve this problem. It is becoming more common for sites to offer reductive navigation. It is important to ensure that the reductive search is functioning properly. This is essential to giving users a great experience since it allows them to narrow down their results and find what they’re looking for. It would be best if you took note that Magento has a different configuration option for attributes to appear on the search engine listings versus category pages. As the owner or developer of the site, you should ensure that the details are included in the category navigation and that they are also displayed in the search engine results. This will give users a consistent search experience.

Use User Synonyms

It is also a good idea to include synonyms in addition to redirecting search terms that are commonly used. The user will see the most frequently used words in your catalog. You can make your search more effective by using synonyms. For instance, you could use ‘roses’ to mean ‘flowers. This situation can be further abused by adding a redirection to the link your customers are looking for.

Magento eCommerce is not something you can just set up and leave it. It would be best if you keep checking back regularly to make sure that the configuration of your store is still relevant for today’s market. It is important to check your Magento store periodically to ensure that it is configured correctly and still suitable for the current market. Focusing on search issues can have a significant impact on customer behavior and, ultimately, your website’s profitability.

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