How to Make Your Signage Last Longer

Signage that is great for your business can transform how you do business. It makes your business stand out and communicates to customers that you care about your work. It pays to invest in quality signs. It’s crucial to ensure that your signs last for as long as possible to get the most out of your investment. It doesn’t have to be difficult to take care of your signage in brisbane. Follow these simple tips to maintain your signs’ appearance and functionality for many years.

Keep your signage clean.

Signage is a sign of pride for businesses. There’s another reason signs should be kept clean: dirt can slowly cause damage to the surface.

Your car shouldn’t be covered in dirt and dust for too long. The same goes for your signage. Many things can build up on the surface, including pollen, sap, and pollutants like dirt and dust from cars. The dirt sticks to the surface and eats away at protective paint coatings. To prolong the life of your signs, you can rinse them with fresh water. If you have signed with internal cavities, remove them from the inside and vacuum out any dirt, dust and cobwebs.

Keep it on if it lights up.

These signs are very popular and look great. If you choose to have a light-up sign, keep it on. Signs that are turned off to allow the circuits to rest won’t last as long. The stress placed upon circuits and light bulbs through powering them up or down can reduce their lifespan. Talk to your signage specialist about low-consumption LED options if you are concerned about power consumption.

Regularly check for corrosion.

You should inspect your signage made from steel, aluminium, brass or any other type of metal for signs of corrosion and rust. If left untreated, rust can be a serious problem, especially for signs and support structures made of steel. It’s easy to treat rust if caught in its early stages. Signage experts can service your sign by removing rust and applying special paints that neutralize and protect the metal. Left untreated, rust can slowly eat through steel and cause unsightly bubbling. This will eventually lead to structural damage to the sign’s support structure and the sign’s structural integrity.

Do not use high-pressure washers

Signage for businesses is high-quality and durable. It is outdoors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it must withstand Brisbane’s storms and sun. This is good news if you want your sign to last long. However, pressure washers can reduce their lifespan. Signs built to withstand rain and sun from above won’t be able to withstand pressure washing from different angles. Water can seep into crevices and cracks that weren’t made for water. This can damage electrical circuits, mould growth, and eventually rust. Pressure washing dirtiest signs can also have an abrasive impact. Pressure washing signs can reduce their lifespan significantly when combined with harsh soaps.

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