Essential Seo Tips to Increase Traffic

SEO can hugely impact your business’ success, whether you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500 business. How easily your target customers find you depends on how well your SEO strategy is implemented. It’s not easy, considering that 75% don’t look beyond the first page of search results.

These are 12 SEO tips and tricks that you can use to help your website get in front of potential customers.

Use Relevant Keywords for Primary and Secondary Keywords

A good SEO strategy starts with keyword research. You can create content that is more appealing to people if you can effectively use keywords. First, identify the primary and secondary keywords for your page.

Your main keyword should be the focus of your content. Only one primary keyword is required per page. It should relate to your page’s main focus, brand identity, products and services.

Create original, quality content

You need to provide quality content that is unique, complete, and always updated if you want your users to return to your website.

Original content is a way to show your audience that you are unique and has the potential to create a connection with them. Search engine algorithms, particularly Google, are designed to find unique content. Searches will increase if you practice SEO and create trustworthy original content.

Format your Content for Search Engines and Target Featured Snippets

You want your content to be successful. Make sure you answer the questions that your audience asks. This can be done by targeting featured snippets.

Google’s search results page shows featured snippets at the top. They are designed to answer users’ questions without them having to leave the page. Because they are visible before the numbered results, they’re easily spotted and helpful. They’re likely to draw organic visitors. They might also be called SERP features.

Optimize your page title and meta description

Your page title and meta description may be the first thing that your audience sees. These two words alone could make it easy for users to decide whether they want to click on your page or not. This is a lot of power in so few words. Make sure yours are impactful.

Most platforms offer an easy way for you to modify your page title or meta description. WordPress offers two boxes, “SEO title” and “meta description”, that can be edited.

These are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Your page title should not exceed 30-60 characters
  • Keep your meta description under 160 characters
  • Input your target keyword
  • Communicate the purpose of your page and its uniqueness
  • Your title and meta description should be unique for each page.

Use short, descriptive URLs

With very little effort, improving your URL structure can significantly impact your on-page SEO. Clean URLs make it easier for search engines to understand your page. They also give you a more user-friendly appearance on the SERPs.

It’s also relatively simple, even for SEO novices.

An effective URL should be:

  • Use keywords. If possible, include your primary keyword.
  • Make it readable: Your visitor should be able to read the URL and understand the page’s contents.
  • Keep it short: Short URLs (about 60 characters) are better. Search engines don’t like long URLs and may rank you lower.


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