Managing social media data

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Snapchat, and many others, managing the various social media profiles can feel like the herding of cats (and it’s certainly not as adorable).

But don’t take it on yourself. There is a myriad of websites, apps, and platforms available for managing several social accounts.

This includes schedulers, report tools, and social software for managing your social media that makes sure that you’re engaging with your followers frequently (and ensures that there’s never a comment, post, or direct message left unanswered) — and much more.

By using this software, as well as some of the free tools for managing social media, You can collect your kitties in no time. Let’s begin right now, meow.

What is social media management?

The management of your social media accounts is the act of managing your presence across all social media platforms your business employs. This isn’t just for big companies, but small companies and solo creators must handle their social media accounts as well.

Social media management involves making plans and scheduling posts, communicating with your customers, answering questions, keeping up to date with the latest trends, and reviewing your performance.

If this sounds like a lot, you’re right! Utilizing technology (a.k.a. Social Media Management Tools) to control social media may assist you in:

Make and schedule social media posts prior to posting them.

Respond to comments and DMs from multiple social media accounts within one single inbox.

Monitor your analytics across all platforms and versions from one location.

Share and create comprehensive performance reports.

Automate industry research and audience research (through social listening and monitoring of brands).

Make sure your creative assets are organized and accessible to your entire team.

Make improvements to Your social customer service process speed of response, as well as the scores of customer satisfaction.


We’re huge fans of Hootsuite (shocker). This is basically the top Social media platforms all in one easy dashboard.

From a user-friendly social media planner and scheduler to detailed analysis, Hootsuite brings everything to one location, allowing you to achieve more and also make time for it.

Hootsuite offers an online social media scheduler as well as a scheduler for content. However, it’s packed with features that will help you be more efficient when it comes to social media. It’s also one of the top social media management tools that can be used for many accounts.

Hootsuite offers insights into when your audience is most active, allowing you to post at times that are most likely to get an increase in engagement. You can also review the statistics of every social account together in one spot.

Hootsuite will also help you compose captions and add them to your calendar of content. Let the robots think of ideas for you and make it easier to create posts using OwlyWriter AI Hootsuite’s caption writer for social media and ideas generator.

There are also Canva templates built directly within the publishing interface, which means you don’t need to switch between tabs.

Our social inbox on our platform is among the most effective (totally free of bias, we promise) customer support tools available. It consolidates all your social media conversations in one location, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to ask a question co, comment, or share. It’s better than clicking into and out of apps throughout the day.

Hootsuite Plans begin at $99 per month

SprinklrEven though it’s among the more expensive tools for managing social media available, Sprinklr offers several powerful features that can aid you in staying well-organized while active on social platforms.

Similar to Hootsuite, Sprinklr lets you post on all your social media platforms from one central location. It also comes with a single social media inbox, where you can track messages from all your channels, and a powerful analytics dashboard to track your performance.

Sprinklr is one of the top tools for listening to social media (second to Hootsuite, obviously). You can listen to millions of chats each day with AI-powered social listening software. Look up keywords, phrases, hashtags, and much more to collect relevant information about your brand or your industry.

It is possible to perform all of the tasks of social listening using Hootsuite Streams as well as Hootsuite Insights (powered by Brandwatch). Additionally, Hootsuite costs much less than Sprinklr.


Later is a platform for managing social media that is similar to Hootsuite (you may examine the differences between Later and Hootsuite Here). It has a wide range of tools, including analytics, scheduling, and other instruments. However, it truly excels as a tool for smaller companies and those who want to see and preview content on social media before they upload.

If you’re looking to make your Instagram feed a bit of a boost, Later has some neat additional features. They have an Instagram feed planner that allows you to visualize the exact way the Instagram grid will look once posted. It’s a great method to give your grid an easy rebranding and help the grid pop.

While Later does offer tools to monitor other platforms, its analytics are most effective on Instagram. Check the way your posts on grids, Reels, and Stories are performing, and then strategize the way you’re doing across Insta.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another top contender in the field of social media tools and may be worthy of taking a look. With analytics and scheduling capabilities for all major social networks, Sprout will help create and implement your social media strategy.

Similar to Hootsuite, Sprout offers a unifying social media account that allows you to respond to messages from all social media channels in one spot. It is easy to prioritize messages and make it easier to react with auto-responders, and label the notices you receive to help keep them clean.

The Sprout dashboard is a complete analytics dashboard that offers information regarding both your organic and paid posts. It also can help you determine the best time to post content to get the greatest outcomes. You can also white-label and download your reports using the Sprout dashboard.

Sprout is a little higher in cost than Hootsuite; however, Hootsuite provides more integrations and features. Comparison of Hootsuite as well as Sprout to find out which one is best for you.


You’ve already heard that Canva is the creative social media manager’s favorite tool. This easy-to-use tool for graphic design has revolutionized how we design content. This is why we’ve added Canva to our Hootsuite dashboard. (No, no, there are Canva templates integrated into Hootsuite Composer).

Did you know the fact that Canva Pro also includes a social media planner and scheduler? It is currently equipped with posting options for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. In Canva Pro’s dashboard Canva Pro dashboard, you can keep track of engagement, likes, impressions, clicks, and much more to determine how well you’re doing.


Though it’s probably most well-known as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service, HubSpot also offers its software for managing social media, which can meet your requirements.

Like many of the above tools, The social media scheduler of HubSpot is designed to assist you in managing your entire campaign in one location. It lets you post your content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and then schedule your content to be live at the most optimal time.

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