It is very appealing to smell the paint and feel the carpet beneath your feet. You can also imagine how you will style and furnish the room.

Many people dream of opening their cafe, restaurant, or fashion store. Planning, imagining, and creating a place that customers will enjoy visiting is a tempting temptation that can lead to a large investment of both time and money. A lease agreement is often signed with a 5-year commitment. Deposits are taken, and the shop is designed and fitted out. The landlord, contractors, and suppliers can take $100,000-$200,000 out of your bank account.

This is a huge risk. What location will it work? Will the customers buy?

Your bricks and Mortar Retail Asset is your retail business.

The digital world is here.

We often assume that online furniture and furnishings are not worth the same attention as physical ones because you can’t touch, feel, or see them.

We are sensory beings, and we feel the physicality of our planet. It is embedded with the evolution, customs, and culture from millennia.

Time has hardwired the desire and need for physical assets.

We need to rethink our priorities and how we spend our money in an increasingly digital and knowledge-based economy.

LinkedIn is a must if you’re looking for work. Your online presence should be professional, clear, and consistent.

It is important to have an online marketing channel as a brick-and-mortar retailer. The consumer of today wants to be able to shop online whenever and wherever they want. On a train, you could browse on your iPad. They could be waiting for a friend and surfing on their mobile while they wait.

The books must be available in both print and digital formats. Publications must be available on Apple and Amazon.

We are mobile impulse shoppers because of convenience and immediateness.

The 21st Century demands that we invest in digital assets.

What are the five online assets worth building?

Here are five essential assets online that you should build and optimize in a digital age.


If a business owner or professional services consultant does not have a website or blog, they will be perceived as a non-player in their field. Google visibility is important because it can make you appear as a nobody.

To present your content online to the 2,5 billion netizens, you will need to secure your domain name and arrange hosting. You can also purchase a content management system such as WordPress or a template.

This is your digital home and hub.

Online Store

Brick-and-mortar stores can no longer rely on customers simply walking into the store to buy shoes and leather. The cost of offering a credible online service to your customers will increase as technology and eCommerce software improves. You’re not just competing against the store across the street. Amazon and your competitors in another continent are only a click away.


Last year, nearly 500 million smartphones were in the hands of potential customers. The addiction to having a computer connected to the internet in your pocket will not go away anytime soon. Since 2010, mobile devices have outsold laptops and desktops. It is important to build apps and websites that can be viewed easily on mobile devices as soon as possible.

Social Media

Facebook is a place that many of the “Internet Generation” (children who have grown up on the internet) don’t want to leave. Your customers are searching for you in the social media channels.

If you are a knowledge worker, LinkedIn is for you.

YouTube – Brands for consumers, professionals, and B2B. Anyone and any business can benefit from YouTube.

Join YouTube for Powerpoint if you are a brand ambassador and present your presentation or give a speech.

Twitter – Share in an instant by using 140 characters, a link, and over 500 million users around the world.

Google+ – A tribe of 250 million passionate users hang out here.

Pinterest – Play in the sandbox if your content is visually appealing.

Choose the ones where your customers are most likely to be. Select the channels where your customers are most likely to be.

Remember that your presence on the site is subject to the terms and conditions and restrictions of the social networking landlord.

You can also find out more about the content on this page.

In the knowledge economy, your content is what defines you.

Content is the basis of your online presence. Any digital information can be created and shared online. Content can be made, curated, or both. Many content pieces are hidden offline. Search engines can now see the content hidden in hard drives and filing cabinets. Create content that’s contagious and encourages sharing. Attract readers by using captivating headlines. Use fonts and sizes that are easy to read.

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