What does Google’s new ‘helpful content’ algorithm mean for brands?

According to a tweet made the week before the launch, the update would ensure that people saw more original, helpful content written by individuals and for users instead of content created primarily for search engine traffic. This change in the algorithm could impact all web pages.

What are some of the implications of the update?

The update, in other words, has introduced a new ranking signal that will negatively score websites that publish either a large volume of low-value or unhelpful content to searchers.

Google gave a brief heads-up about the changes in its search algorithm. However, more than one week is needed to prepare. Businesses from every industry and sector scrambled to clean up and remove ‘unhelpful’ content on their websites. Stress was palpable. However, websites should have been created for people, not for SEO. The digital landscape is more competitive than ever, but that has only sometimes been the case.

Can Google’s new content update impact your business?

Google recommends removing the content from your site if you have a website with much ‘unhelpful’ content. This should boost your search value and return you to the top of the search engine result page (SERP). Customers old and new will only click through to your site if it is ranked alongside other reputable websites. This was the case for several clients who joined my performance marketing and web design company, Pixated. They had either been unaware of its effects or were unaware that the update had occurred.

It’s important to note that it could take several months to see the algorithm’s benefits. Google doesn’t constantly monitor the quality of your content. Instead, it performs periodic ‘crawls,’ during which the Search faculties visit your site and assess any changes in its usability or usefulness. Google will then change your search ranking.

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