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With the rise of smartphone and tablets sharply on the rise, now is the time to consider a mobile website for your brand.

If the website for your brand receives a large amount of traffic from smartphone users (this information can be found in Google Analytics reports), then a mobile website will be a welcome addition to your digital assets which your mobile customers will appreciate.

Mobile websites are, put simply, a condensed version of the regular website. They are designed to show parts of information from the website most relevant to users, and to make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible. The overall interface design is usually kept simple, to keep with the principle of user experience. Consumers that visit websites via smartphones are much likelier to follow through to a conversion if they are able to complete their objective. In other words, the easier things are for them on the phone, the better your chances of securing a mobile customer.

A mobile website design will in most cases take all of its branding from the original website, and show the key elements such as logos and brand colours. Information architecture is particularly important as a mobile can and only should display selected information available from the website. Updates to mobile websites can be done via automatic feeds from the website so content will always be in sync with your website.

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