Most Important Seo Tips to Help You Rank Higher in Search Engines.


Use keywords in the right places.

Most people know that keywords are important to pages you wish to rank.

Where your keywords are used is as important as how often you use them.

Ensure that your keyword appears on your page’s title tags at least once.

URL of the web page:

In the first 100 words of each paragraph.

A page on my website is optimized around the keyword “copywriting“.

That term was also added to the key locations.

After you’re done with the video, look at the rest of this post for more SEO tips.

Keep Users On Your Site Longer

What exactly is pogo-sticking?

When a Google user clicks your site, it is called Pogosticking.

Then, “pogo stick” back to the search results to locate something that helps.

Google gets a strong message from someone whose pogos sticks: “I didn’t like that result.”

Google will remove your site from the search results if it doesn’t satisfy users.

The question is:

How can you keep your users coming back to your site?

Use lots of bullets and subheadings.

People will spend more time reading content that is clear and easy to understand.

It also prevents them from pressing their “back” button.

It turns out that bullets and subheadings make it much easier to read your content:

We now move on to the next tip…

Search for keywords that “suggest.”

Google Suggest can be used to search long-tail keywords.

You may not be aware that this approach can also be used with other search engines.

Delete Zombie Pages

Your site’s zombie pages are pages that do not bring in any traffic.

They are just sort of… there.

You can also get better rankings and more Google traffic if you remove Zombie Pages.

In fact:

One ecommerce website saw a 31% increase in search engine traffic, not to mention a 28% rise in revenue after they “pruned 11k product pages.”

They’re not the only ones.

After removing 40 000 Zombie Pages, saw an 88.3% increase in organic search traffic.

This strategy works:

Google won’t rank sites with excessively thin and low-quality content.

This blog has published 196 posts to date.

These 196 posts bring in 360k+ search engine visits each month.

Do an Industry Study

How can you get backlinks on news sites and authority blogs in your niche?

A study of the industry.

I noticed a while back that many SEO blogs were discussing voice search.

However, I noticed that these posts contained SEO tips for voice searches without any research or data.

We decided to conduct our first large-scale voice-search SEO study.

What did this content accomplish?

This post has received 5.6K backlinks.

The best part?

These links were obtained without a lot of outreach.

Because my content provides journalists and bloggers with data…

They automatically refer to (and link back to) my content.


Add related keywords to your content.

On-page SEO is more than “include your keyword a few times.”

(Although this is important too.

You must also add synonyms to your content to rank high on Google.


Something called Google Hummingbird.

Google’s Hummingbird update allows Google to go beyond just keywords. Instead, they attempt to understand your page’s topic.


How can you optimize your content for Hummingbird?

In your content, include variations of your main keyword.

You can search Google for your desired keyword to do this.

Scroll down to the bottom of your search results.

You can add a few “Searches related …” terms” to your content.

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