Digital marketing project manager

A digital project manager is responsible for overseeing projects related to digital but not directly involved in marketing projects. Many organizations need this role as digital marketing is becoming more critical to the marketing reputation of a brand.

Customers find products and brands online. They may do so by following a friend’s recommendation, browsing mindlessly through social media, or searching for similar products on search engines. Digital marketing project managers make sure projects are completed smoothly.

What is a Digital Marketing Project Manager?

The digital marketing project managers ensure that marketing campaigns and activities are completed on time and within budget. They coordinate timelines, communicate with project owners, the marketing team, and collaborators, and manage deadlines.

While not all businesses require a project manager for marketing, those who manage multiple marketing campaigns and complex projects will benefit from one. A marketing project manager oversees marketing projects and activities and completes them successfully.

Although the responsibilities of a digital marketing manager and a digital marketer may overlap, there is still a difference: a marketing project manager supervises marketing teams or projects. A digital marketer, on the other hand, is responsible for executing marketing campaigns.

The job responsibilities of each manager determine the skills required for a successful digital marketing project manager. A manager responsible for social media marketing projects must have a flair for copywriting and a keen eye for graphic design. One may organize product launches, events, and other projects to bring people together.

A digital marketing project manager must have excellent organizational and scheduling skills to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Digital marketing project manager responsibilities

What is included in the job description of a digital project manager? You must know your key metrics and responsibilities to be a successful digital marketing project manager. Here are some tasks and duties a digital project manager can have.

  • Gathering requirements for projects from stakeholders
  • Prioritizing customer requests by organizing user stories
  • Reviewing marketing campaigns and collecting customer feedback
  • Keep track of budgets and timelines for projects
  • Assigning team tasks
  • Plan, scheduled, and execute new marketing campaigns
  • Increase team efficiency by codifying marketing workflows
  • Collaboration between marketing teams and cross-functional teams
  • Ensure resources are allocated correctly for a successful project
  • Digital marketing projects: Developing and implementing Change Management
  • Digital marketing: Assessing, managing, and mitigating risks

Tips for digital marketing project managers

A digital marketing project leader works with many different teams, stakeholders, and external collaborators. Digital marketing project managers who are good should:

  • To communicate project updates, ensure they have the contact information of teams and stakeholders.
  • To avoid scheduling conflicts or emergencies, plan meetings and tasks proactively.
  • Update teams on project progress to improve trust and transparency
  • Manage expectations and represent the interests of each stakeholder to the best of your ability

It would help if you narrowed your focus before deciding on a career as a digital project manager. You may be a social media manager, digital event marketing manager, or content marketing manager.

A social media project manager manages campaigns and calendars for social media. On the other hand, a content marketing project manager oversees content marketing plans — such as driving a team of remote writers to create blog posts.

The type of project you plan depends on the industry and niche your company operates. These questions will help determine the kind of digital project manager that you are.

Does the role of digital marketing project manager need to be filled?

The marketing department is divided into two categories: strategic and tactical. Project managers in digital marketing are responsible for tactical projects. These activities have defined goals and deliverables, such as launching new products or redesigning a company’s website.

Your team can self-organize if you have robust systems and workflows and run small marketing campaigns. This eliminates the need for an in-house digital marketing project manager. If you run multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously, hiring a digital marketing project manager is advisable to increase efficiency, collaboration, and success rates for each project.

The digital marketing project managers can be from your existing marketing team or digital marketing consultants. Ensure your digital project manager is equipped with the skills necessary to handle the digital marketing activities you will focus on.

Digital marketing project managers may use Agile methodologies or project management frameworks to achieve results. Digital marketing project managers must monitor and review digital KPIs to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and meet the desired goals.

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