Why You Should Forget Facebook

Has Facebook got you fooled? Are you chasing likes for your brand page?  Paying for fans? Maybe it’s time to stop. In 2008 I joined Facebook. It was the first social media network I decided to place a stake in as my online social media home. It was fun, frivolous and free. Everyone was […]

Is Your Content Marketing Designed for Humans or Machines?

Content marketing faces the constant tension between writing for search engines or crafting it for people. But there is also another challenge that comes from decades of formal marketing education and training. Overcoming the blind spot that demographic data sometimes imposes on marketers that has been collated and sifted by computers. Marketers and business for […]

The 2 Key Components for Creating a Successful Digital Strategy

For many businesses the challenge is to continue to be relevant in a digital world that is now driven by technology, mobile devices and the social web. It’s no longer “business as usual” and the road to success is not just about new ideas but the need for “unlearning”. John Maynard Keynes summed it up well […]

The 2 Key Components for Creating a Successful Digital Strategy

14 Tips for Creating Content that People Love to Share

We are in a content creation arms race. Brands have realised that creating content is now your best weapon of choice to rank high in Google, engage with your customers and be a thought leader in your industry. So writers are the new digital age hired guns and given instructions to crank it out. Blog posts […]

11 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter is changing. The cute bird has gone public, introduced self service advertising and is verging on visual. I remember when I joined in 2008, that the rules of engagement were just about fun and frivolity. It was a playground for social media enthusiasts that were exploring and pushing the boundaries. It was about having […]