How Website Load Time Affects Google Rankings – Infographic

If you wanted to know what Google is all about, it can be summed up with a simple three word phrase. Great user experience.How Website Load time Effects Google Search Results

Google’s mantra is about serving up the world’s information fast and accurately no matter what device you are viewing or where you are.

In the last decade it has become the “go to” site when you wanted the answer to any question except maybe the eternal search for meaning inquiry. 

What is the meaning of life?” 

In its quest for maintaining its relevance the search giant has pursued continual evolution of its range of online services. It has designed, developed and launched  new features and functions for its existing platforms including Gmail, and YouTube. It has also invested over $500 million in a social network called Google+ that now has over 400 million users.

Facebook is now looking over its shoulder.

Slow means a bad experience

Many people do not understand that a slow website can hurt your search results. eCommerce platforms such as Magento require the right hosting environment to ensure fast page loading, otherwise people will click away.

Slow page loading can be the result of  three core potential factors.

  1. A hosting partner or solution that is not the right size or configuration for your online store or website
  2. A website that has poor coding for fast page loading
  3. Your website settings

Get any of these wrong or not pay attention and it can drop your search engine results ranking. This leads to less sales and reduced inquiries.

Fast means more sales

 The large online shop Shopzilla has discovered how important speed is to ecommerce when it shaved just 3 seconds off its load times. Good things happened.

These are the results: 

  •  25% more page views
  • 7-12% more revenue
  • 50% less hardware was needed leading to reduced costs

Now if you own an online store this is worth some investment in time and resources dont you think?

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How Website Load Time Effects Google Rankings

Source: Quick Sprout 

What about you? 

Does your website perform? Does it load fast?

Have you tried to save a few dollars on your hosting and website and it runs like a dog. Maybe its time to rethink your online focus and strategy.

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