Five Facts about Magento 2.0


Magento 2.0 – the next generation Open Source Digital Commerce platform has been announced general available on the 18th of November 2015 during the Magento Live Conference. Magento has promised that the new Magento 2.0 platform is much better than the first generation in terms of Code Quality, Performance, Scalability, Usability and Productivity.

I have gained some first hand insights from Magento to explain why Magento 2.o is the future for Ecommerce. Below are five important facts you should know about Magento 2.0:

Much Improved Code Quality

We all know that Magento 1 is terrific with a large ecosystem of third party extensions and existing integration with hundreds of software providers such as Email Marketing Platform (EDM) , CRM, Reviews System, Social Media, Retention Application, Accounting Software, ERP, PIM, POS, OMS etc. In Magento 2.0, the Magento extensions marketplace (Magento Connect) will be transformed into something better. According to Magento, the new Magento Connect will only allow certified extensions to be available for download/purchase. This allows much higher quality extensions for Magento 2.0.

Magento 2.0 is also future proven with the use of modern frameworks and coding standard. This allows Magento 2.0 to streamline the customisations process for both frontend templates coding to backend customisations. The integrated unit testing tool allows developers to test their code more frequently and easily.

Much Improved Performance

  • Magento 2.0 now has a built-in Varnish Caching support which is very easy to configure
  • Varnish caching can improve page load speed significantly
  • Products import/export is now 4x faster than before
  • Improved Restful API for better performance
  • The built-in SOLR Search Engine and the Indexing Speed has been optimised

Much Improved Scalability

  • 150% more Page views/hr than Magento 1.x.  (support up to 3.5M page views/hr – tested with 12 servers configuration)
  • 117% more orders processing/hr than Magento 1.x. (support up to 250K orders/hr – tested with 12 servers configuration)
  • Standalone Database for Order management
  • Compatibility with MYQL cluster
  • Support 1.5 m product catalogue size
  • Enhanced number of concurrent users for backend order management and product update

Much Improved Usability

  • The new checkout process has been improved to simplify the number of steps from the previous Five Steps to just Two Steps
  • Braintree and Paypal payment gateways are now both native integration
  • In addition to image swatches, colour and text swatches are available

Much Improved Productivity

  • Admin UI has been completely changed and now it is very intuitive with many drag and drop features and a visual composer for creating content
  • The Admin UI is fully responsive (and touch friendly) so now you can use a tablet or mobile to operate your Magento store from anytime, anywhere
  • Magento 2.0 comes with a migration tool to allow simpler data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.0


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