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3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Get Free Traffic to Your Online Store

Everyone loves something for free. The marketing message varies but the core tactic involves the word “free”. Phrases such as “buy two and get one free”, “free holiday for purchases over $1,000″ and the online shopping favorite of “free shipping” are the bread and butter for all marketers. When you are starting your online store you usually […]

3 Digital Marketing Strategies to Get Free Traffic to Your Online Store

Is Your Content Marketing Designed for Humans or Machines?

Content marketing faces the constant tension between writing for search engines or crafting it for people. But there is also another challenge that comes from decades of formal marketing education and training. Overcoming the blind spot that demographic data sometimes imposes on marketers that has been collated and sifted by computers. Marketers and business for […]

14 Tips for Creating Content that People Love to Share

We are in a content creation arms race. Brands have realised that creating content is now your best weapon of choice to rank high in Google, engage with your customers and be a thought leader in your industry. So writers are the new digital age hired guns and given instructions to crank it out. Blog posts […]

What are 4 Key Goals in Content Marketing?

We  consume information with an almost manic obsession. In most homes the 50 inch plasma high definition television is babbling on in the corner enticing us to watch and listen while cooking, cleaning  or chilling out. We jump in the car and the radio or GPS is informing us as we drive to work or […]

What are 4 Key Goals in Content Marketing?

5 Insights from Coca Cola’s New Content Marketing Strategy

Coca Cola has been part of popular culture for over 100 years and has been called a “Vision Brand“. Its marketing and communication is purposeful and connects with its audience in a way that makes it stand out from its competitors. Its mission is not about selling products but to create significant positive change in […]

5 Insights from Coca Cola's New Content Marketing Strategy