13 Prominent Social Media Activities Implemented By the Top 200 Non Profits

I have noticed in both observing and working with non profits that their uptake and utilization of social media is creative, innovative and extensive and when I came upon this study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research who had recently completed (June 2009) one of the first statistically significant studies on […]

20 Best Practice Features For A NGO Website

Non profit organisations are some of the most innovative in their use of websites to engage and communicate using the latest Web 2.0 technologies and social media channels to get their message out to their members, stakeholders and potential members. NGO’s and charities have some of the most passionate members and donors that allow the website to be […]

“6 More Great Resources On Using Facebook, For Companies, Personal Branding and NGOs (Non Profits) “

As I promised in my last post, here are 6 more great resources on using Facebook, for companies, personal branding and NGOs (Non Profits). What you will find in fact is that there isn’t 6 but a “Bonus” which makes 7, which is about “5 Tips for Enhancing Your Brands Presence on Facebook”. A lot of people end up being passionate about one type of […]

“7 Resources on How to Use Facebook For Your Non Profit, Personal Brand and Company”

Facebook  has been adding new functions and features that enable Companies, Non Profits and Individuals to promote their brand, raise money and increase sales and have conversations with their communities and networks. The following posts are some of the latest reviews and studies of what is unfolding in “Social Media” in the Facebook space, that I have […]